Welder, Fitter & Turner Insurance

  • Public Liability Insurance – $5, $10 or $20 million limit
  • Competitive Premiums
  • Online Quoting
  • Hot Spot Extension available


To arrange a quotation for your welder, fitter & turner insurance, simply complete the quotation form below.  If you wish to discuss your cover in the interim, please contact The Team at Southbank Insurance Brokers on 07 3367 2200.

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Do you carry out a Job Safety Assessment (JSA) and/or risk assessment on each site prior to commencement of work?

Do you carry out welding activities in accordance to AS1674.1-1997 Safety in welding and allied processes-Fire Protection? Published by Standards Australia and as amended or substituted from time to time:

Do you undertake any work on refineries; chemical plant; petrol, oil or gas production facilities, offshore platforms/oil rigs; utilities, oil or gas pipelines, power stations, silo's; cool rooms; laboratories, water treatment plants; railway or railway infrastructure; airports; underground work; bridges; dams; any work on conveyor belts systems; work on trains watercraft or aircraft?

Is all completed work at third party premises signed off by relevant authority?

During the past 5 years, have you ever had a claim made against you, or are you aware of any incident, accident or prosecution which could lead to a claim being made against you (whether insured or not)
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Limits of Liability
Public & Products Liability, $ any one occurrence

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